Program in alarm

hello, I’m stuck on the alarm, I can’t program an alarm when my circuit breaker is turned off (input= ALAR1).is what you have an idea how to activate this alarm with some program line.

The alarm statements are described pretty well in the software documentation. Hit the F1 function key to bring up the help. There you can search and find a few different alarm statements, DALARM which is short for delayed alarm is the one you are looking for. The delay is specified in seconds, a longer period of say 60 seconds will keep the false alarms down.

here’s my program line that allows you to set the alarm

130 REM: *** ALARM***

but it works once in two, so I’d like to know how to receive 'alarm by email,thank you

Email alarms are coming ‘real soon now’. I know its been promised on this forum many times… we’ll get there.

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