E-mail alarm status

Is there a way to e-mail an alarm status? Example temp sensor drops below 30f, send an e-mail alarm.

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We’ve been working on the emails for alarms last week, should have something to show next week. You’ll need to update the firmware and the T3000 front end. Will post an update soon.
Thanks for checking in with the forum mb.

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Kudos to MD, Chelsea and Fan for their work in this. It will make the T3 even more competitive. I am really looking forward to see how you’ve implemented it.

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Did this ever get resolved and implemented?

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we have done it but still need to test and tweak it for a week or two.

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Has anyone implemented this yet?

Yes, I have bumped it with the team here.

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Updates? I see there is some stuff in recent T3000 in the config tabs for email, but haven’t really heard much otherwise.

Sorry 'bout this Jim, its high on the todo list but need to clear up a few things first and waiting for one developer to get back from maternity leave. Keep the pressure on us but give it a few weeks.

Ditto to Jim’s comments. I really hope it’s impended in such a way that the user can opt for only some alarms generate an email

Another bump. This functionality is a large part of the reason I became interested in the controller. It’s been ‘a week away’ for what looks like a few years now…

I hear you loud & clear. Time to get this feature done finally.

Yes please, this is a me too.