CT Ratio Setup for for ME237V

Just purchased the meter ME237V. How to set the CT ratio for this meter where the input is 333mV? I’m connecting a CT of 150A/333mV.

The default CT ratio setting of the meter as per figure below

Appreciate the assistance.


Lijun will check into this and make sure this is documented well online and in our pdfs.

ME237V: Represents the transformation ratio of external connected voltage output current transformer = (primary current / secondary output voltage value)x10000.Unit A/mV
Your primary current is 150A, and your Secondary Rated input is 333mV.
ratio = 150/333x10000 = 4504

Hi Lijun,

I’ve tried as per your recommendation, but still i couldn’t get the correct reading of the ampere. Please advise

Hi Maurice, the documentation in related to CT ratio setting quite minimal

Manage to figure out already, by the way thanks for the assistance