Copying a program to other controllers

We have programmed a TSTAT10 and tested that the programming meets our needs. I am trying to figure out what the best way to transfer this to another TSTAT10? Is there a tool or software to allow me to essentially clone all the variables, inputs, outputs, and programming from one TSTAT10 to another?

We potentially want to use the TSTAT10 throughout an entire building but want to reduce deployment costs.

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After you have finished programming Tstat10, you can save the Tstat10 configuration file.
1.Select the Tstat10 device (Connect to the Tstat10 by click the tree)
2. Save as a prog file。
3. Select other Tstat10 ,and Load file.

Fandu, this is good for duplicating a stat but we need a tool now to rename all the items. If the first stat is used on ROOM101 and the second is now ROOM102, all the vars, ins, outs, trendlogs and so on need to be manually edited. Think about how we can speed this process up.

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It would be cool if we could edit using a text file like we can with programs. Search and replace. :slight_smile:
The database is probably not as simple as the programs, I’m guessing.

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Fandu has been working on the database tie-in for a long time. He will know what to do, more news soon.