C02 Sensors

After a couple of years of experimenting with C02 sensing as a background task we’re finally into production with C02 sensors. There are two models for mounting in office / shirt sleeve type environments and another two models in a splash proof box for duct mount or more rugged environments. We managed to keep the cost low by putting a lot of effort into product development and optimizing the bill of materials. All models support RS485 modbus communications and all except the ‘node’ also have transducer outputs. The Tstat6-C02 version has all the on board sequencing and PID logic of the Tstat6 for a powerful all-in-one sensor controller.

CE approval is under way and a new version of the wall mount version with web server and advanced alarming for breweries & fast food outlets is in pre-production. C02 sensing is set to take off and we have made a long term commitment to it. Feel free to ask for customizing on any of these products.


I’m glad to see your effort in CO2 - for use with variable ventilation control. We’ve had several projects with the US Department of Transportation, where they estimate pay-back in 3 to 7 months (even with us$350 GE sensors).

The key value to a good CO2 sensor is you can cut back on pulling in outdoor air (which is either too hot or too cold) if no humans are actually breathing your indoor air.

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