AirLab LCD function

I found the register to turn off the LCD after an amount of time. Is there supposed to be a trigger to turn the display back on, and then have the timer engage to turn it off? I would think that would be tied to room occupancy sensor. Or does logic have to be built on another system monitoring for a different register and switch the 434 register to turn it back on?

434 1 MODBUS_LCD_BACKLIGHT_TURN_ON_TIME 03_06 Read Holding and Write Single 8 Bit Unsigned Integer Backlight ON timer ,Valid Value 0-255 ,Unit: minute , 0 = always OFF , 255=always ON, 1-254: Backlight on timer left

Generally the bahviour is to press a button to activate the LCD backlight and after the delay period which you can adjust, the backlight goes off. The next keypress on the button will bring the backlight back on. It’s a lot easier to deal with the T3000 user interface to get started. Once you have a feel for the features and settings in the UI you can revert to the modbus registers in the T3000 Register Viewer tool, there you can see the register names and their current values. Once you have that all sorted out you can move on to doing the same by reading and writing registers from your master controller.