Which devices to pick for a system: T3, Nano, expansion IO

Hello Maurice,

Asides the T3-Nano, which only support Modbus and Bacnet protocols, what other programmable router do you advise for initial testing with T3000 but that has dry contacts (digital inputs & outputs) also?


You can consider any of the programmable controllers. The T3-Nano has no on board IO but you can add any of the T3E-XXX series expansion modules. Any IO you add as expansion will show up in your IO list as if its directly on board the controller.

Another option would be the T3-OEM at Tab3 and the Tstat10 at Tab4, these have on board IO and support all the programming features of the T3 series controllers. A T3-Nano + either the Tstat10 or T3-OEM will work well together and get you fully programmable features plus Ethenet connectivity but using two separate devices.

Going a step further, you can get programmable features plus Etherent connectivity in a single device by going with the T3 controllers shown at Tab1.

There’s not a lot of difference if you deisgn a project around a Nano+ Expansion, or a Nano + OEM/Tstat10’s, or a single device like the T3-XX series. The users wont be able to tell the difference and the functionality is basically the same.