Problems with alarm Emails

I’m having some difficulty getting alarms to email out.
Whenever I set up the email server as which is (from what i understand) googles smtp relay server for gmail accounts only, my settings disappear from the settings page every time. I’ve used this server in the past in other building controllers with success, but I can’t get the config page to take my changes.

Every time i come back to the email configuration page all of those server settings are blank. Do they only take an IP address? If so are there any open SMTP relay’s left in the world that aren’t spam magnets? Am I doing something wrong? I input my settings then press the OK button, then the Done button. Ive even tried writing to flash afterwards. But my settings always disappear.

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I did the test myself minutes ago, with my own server address (, without going with google or any external commercial servers. I put my (mail server) ip address, port, email address (made just for that) and security (SSL). When Done, I quitted T3000 and restarted the software: all data are lost and IP address field displayed
So, no solution for now, but you’re not alone on this.

The email alarm system is only set up to work with non SSL servers for now, and I have to confess this whole feature needs some work still. Its very high on the priority list, hope we can get to it this week or early next. Apologies for burning your time on this.

Thanks, Maurice. The ability to be e-mailed an alarm notification is by far the #1 most requested feature asked of me by my customers and I would absolutely love to be able to give that to them with this controller.

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