Modbus ID over Ethernet

I had effectively seen this sentence in the software manual but could not find how to display such pop up for the nano controller.

I read also somewhere that Nano would have ID 3? But this gave no result.

Another question is about the modbus bacnet register excel documentation found in the T3000 directory , this file mention only T3-BB controller but nothing for LB, TB or Nano controller.

Nano Modbus ID: The nano can have whatever Modbus ID you want, just type a value in there. Not sure off hand if there is in fact a default setting.

Modbus Register List: They are pretty much the same from model to the next. Of course there may be some differences like the number of IO.

So there must be one sheet for each controller model to see the difference…

Ok but where ?
Is it the parameter named
Modbus RTU ID:

In the middle of panel information? Yes !!!
Now it works in the Modbus poll tools
And I can confirm that the Input are begining at address 7484 like BB controller
Input 3 is connected and give a value of 28723 in register 7489 corresponding to 28.72 for IN3 in the T3000

And VAR are from register 8092 and have the same format
So they must be simply read as long integer and rescale to real by dividing by 1000 … as I suspected yesterday

I see where the confusion came from, I will change the text to mention IP address here as well. Thanks for sticking with this and figuring it out.