General Setup of T3-Pt and AQ

The question is how to know the address of the air quality modbus slave ?
Should it appear in the three like the PT12?
From what I read in the software manual it should be automatic.
The only thing I can find in the pdf doc regarding the installation is how to use the special terminal.
After discovering again
Only PT12 is seen but then

A duplícate ID windows come but changing the ID is not working

After multiple trial I succeed to change the iD and a discovery solved the three
Now it is ok
But PT12 does not show anymore as external input in the input list so the automatic mapping is not working any more…

AQ sensor is working and seems connected
Values can be seen in the t3000 when clicking on aq in the tree
Next step Is to access to values and put them in var of NaNo
But without success up to now…
Perhaps sleeping on this will help…

Standing by to help.
T3-PT12 : No known issues with setting them up as expansion IO. Please show me what you see here, this is where you can manually configure expansion IO:

AQ: Reading values in your program will go a lot smoother if you use Bacnet protocol, you can refer to the device instance and the input nmber like so:
10 VAR1 = 1234AI1

To change the protocol to bacnet, its normally shown in the T3000 user interface somewhere. Depending on what model you have the documentation will describe how to change it from the keypad.

Ok ,
Does I need to connect them one by one to change to bacnet?
I discovered that the earth terminal is not connected to the - of the power supply in the Nano but it is the case in the PT12…
So disconnecting PT12 to have only AQ on the network is not that easy

What is the real use of the earth connection on RS485 terminal on the PT12 and Nano?
I thought that earth was linked to the power supply minus in all modules.
This is not the case in the Nano .

The RS485 ground is optional, it is there if you want to tie a shield in. You tie the shield to ground at only one end as you know.

Also if there are several devices powered by several power supplies it can help communications if they all share a common ground. Use this terminal to tie all the grounds together.

Ok i will change my cabling then…
For testing now on short distance … shield is not critical…