Confusing compiler error when program is too long

I am getting an error that I assume is related to the code in a single program being too long. The error text is likely based on some internal renumbering because it does not match the numbering of my code.

The error text is:
“Program code larger than 2000 in line 850”

I assume it is there to tell a person at what point to cut the code but without the correct line numbers it is confusing.

It would make sense to compile the whole program but generate an error indicating that the program cannot fit in the program slot on the device.

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We need an auto renumber command to help keep the numbering straight, our team will work on that.

The error message will be changed “Program code size is over the 2000 bytes maximum”


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I have raised the following in Github to capture the different issues we have encountered with the compiler.

Thank you for your feedback, we can implement the important fixes and features. Some which are ‘nice to have’ but a little comlex to implement will be on the list.

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