Best Practice for emailing or texting a warning

If we put some sensors (thermistors) on the LB, can you help me think of a creative way to generate a warning text when something is not right?
Also, can you recommend a source for basic (OK, maybe I mean cheap) temperature sensors that will go in a little pipe well to check water temps and/or go outside to inform current outdoor temps?

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Alarms: They do show up in the alarm queue which you can see from any PC connected to the LAN, check out the ALARM and DALARM control basic statements. I know these days we should have emails and SMS’s going to your phone, its on the hotlist. Should be able to show you something in a couple of weeks.

Sensors: There’s quite a few on the web site.
This one is good for inserting and strapping onto pipes.

If you can thread a well into the piping this ‘insertion’ type will give you the fastest acting water temp. Typically used on 2inch and larger pipes, the wells are on the site as well.

Finally, if you’re working with plastic piping you can drill a hole and insert one of these, also insertion type but no well required. A metal strap compresses down on a rubber seal which can hold up against typical pressures, widely used in the solar hot water and home pool heating applications.

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Ouch. I know it has been a long time coming. we’re scrambling to switch to a new CPU to help with the chip shortage. this new CPU has a lot more resources so email should be a simple feature once we’re there. month from now hopefully.

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