2 wire control of valves


Looking for retrofit options for valves and 2 wire control sure would help.
Am I correct in that the valves either 3 point float or modulating need 3 wires?


You could consider doing this with a thermal valve, these offer modulating action with only two wires. Our Tstat8 can do the necessary PWM control but we don’t offer the valve itself.

Floating valves need three wires, one to power open and one for powering closed plus the ground wire.

Modulating valves need three wires, two for power and one for the signal.

I am keen to hear how the project works out.

I ran across another ball valve which can be driven by two or three wire.
I am familiar with wax valves, but I have a preference for ball or globe valves.

Something to think about perhaps? Makes retrofit of other brand valves much easier as no additional wires need to be run.

This valve is still operating like an on-off valve. They use a magnetic clutch and are spinning all the time, run quite hot even when they are disabled.

We used to deal with these but they were a flapper type, not the ball valves and the closeoff pressure was very low.

The ones I was looking at are actual ball valves, not flappers. I am not a fan of the flappers.
And I expect they use end switches.
Have a look at Deelat products.
I think with some firmware changes I should be possible with your valves too.

Sure, there’s a lot of these Belimo type knockoffs in the market now. I mostly steer clear of the commodity type items but we do have the one ball valve with DC power supply, it was done for an airport fire truck.

Here’s the Deelat products and they look like a good candidate for your project.