Windows display resolution issue

I recently purchased a dell xps laptop to work with while traveling and the T3000 software appears to be having some display interface issues. When accessing any of the sub menus (or associated popups) from the toolbar icons it appears they are not formatting properly to match the display resolution and scale values. For example: The tabs are not present on the setting menu, column widths are narrow on input, output, and variable menus etc. The popups for setting an input range open small and when stretched do not reload properly which makes them totally unusable. The XPS (Win11) natively supports a much higher resolution than my desktop (Win10), however, resetting the resolution and scale settings to match my desktop does not solve the problem.

Yes, our UI is not scaleable unfortunately. We have talked about doing it but it is a lot of work. Fandu will comment, maybe he can do something to help out. You could send a screen shot or photo to help him see a little better.