Weather station mbus problems

i am having trouble with weather station, can’t read values through ModBus. I can read temperature, but not Humidity and illumination. I see that values are present in modbus registers, also t3000 shows correct values, but as variable I see 0 value.

Currently the MB_REG keyword only works up to register 255. We will push some new firmware out on Monday. You can update from the T3000 front end → help → check for updates → download and update.

Note: There is a (confusingly) similar command called the REG command, it uses base 1 for the register list to better line up with the bacnet documents which are all base1. This command works now actually, your program will look like this:

10 VAR1 = 1.50.REG102
20 VAR2 = 1.50.REG374
30 VAR3 = 1.50.REG539


Here is the network points summary after running this program.

Thank you, now everything is working.