Update issues after boot-loader update

Some time ago (months) there was boot loader update. After it controllers often (20%) crashes during update. After that controller restarts go to ISP mode and in few attempts you can push update. Haven’t noticed it before boot loader update.


We’re going to need a bit more than this to go on but in general T3000 will check if the device needs a new bootloader before it performs the usual firmware update. If so it will take care of updating the bootloader followed by an update of the main firmware. Be sure to use the latest T3000 when doing updates that require a bootloader update, the more recent the better your experience will be.

Last time I tried “Loading update to many devices” system crashed dramatically. I spend a lot of time restoring it. Now I do update one by one and situation is manageable, only 1 of 15 controllers failed to update yesterday.
Just wanted to report that I experience small difficulties and I do not recommend using “Loading update to many devices”.

Make sure you have the most recent version of T3000 to test that. We did some work on mass updates about two months ago.


After som failed updates then some devices go to ISP mode things start falling apart

Fandu will check this out.

  1. Case 1 update failed.
    T3000 software sends commands to the device over the network, requiring the device to switch to the Bootloader. After the device switches to the Bootloader, the device needs a period of time to obtain an IP address again. In this case, the T3000 retries and waits 20 seconds for a response from the device.If no response from device,this update will fail.There is a certain probability that this will happen.
  2. Case 2
    A certain percentage of firmware burn interrupts, then the update fails.
    It may be caused by poor network communication or some bugs in the bootloader. I will find out the cause of the failure together with my colleague Chelsea.

You can try updating again to resolve this issue.
If some devices still have problems updating firmware over the network, you can also temporarily update firmware over RS485.