Tstat5 setup schedule

I had some tstat5 thermostats controlled by an old generation T-3000.

I have now the new T3-LB. I setup the weekly and annual routines with out trouble but I don´t have any example of how to control my old tstat5 to automatically turn Auto/off

My guess is that I have to program it but I don´t have any example.

Is there any exmple of how to do that, or I have to keep my old T-3 online to control my old tstat5?

Missed your post there, now the system is notifying correctly.

You can associate thermostats with a certain schedule by following these steps. This is a relatively new feature so you will need to update the T3000 application and possibly the Tstat5 firmware as well, that’s a very early model. Let me know how you make out.