T38I13O pulse counting problem, modbus returns very large number intermittently

Hi I’m using the T3-8I13O module. I connected it to the T3000 software. The high speed pulse counter was grayed out so we are using the low speed counter. The fastest pulse we need to capture is about 1 every 20 seconds so this is fine.

The problem we have is it seems the module will let us read registers as they are changing possibly? Here is a screenshot of the last 24 hours using the module on a gas meter using dry contact. The module jumpers are set to thermistor (default).

The module returns a seemingly random number once, then returns to normal. We are using modbus 19200, 8N1. One of them returned 65,536 once which isn’t so random (max 16bit), making us believe it can be read while updating registers. The device then reports the correct pulses so this number isn’t actually being stored in the registers.

Is there a software setting I need to set, or maybe a firmware update to fix this problem? Has anyone encountered it.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi, You can disregard this post and delete it. The tech out in the field didn’t realize there was another meter on the line with the same modbus address. Strange it even read but after changing the address it no longer jumps. Thanks for the quick reply though.

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I don’t mind to leave this up if you don’t. This helps folks see EVERYTHING needs to be ruled out when debugging quirky behavior.