T3000 Admin Rights

I represent the IT group for my company and I have an end-user that is attempting to leverage the T3000 software. It seems that administrative rights are required to run this software which is not something we like to give out. Is there a way around the need for admin rights or are they required for the T3000 software to function properly?

I accidentally ran my T3000 without admin rights. It works but since it couldn’t update certain folders, it would crash when trying to run Trend Log graphs. You could work with your user to find out what folders are needed and give him read/write access to those folders. I bet that it would run fine after that.

Actually, I’d love to be in the scenario you describe where we grant rights to the folders the T3000 needs. However, we cannot run the application at all without providing admin rights and that’s the crux we have. How did you manage to run the application without admin rights?

The issue goes deep into the operating system itself, for example Miscrosoft requires programs that access the Ethernet port and the COM ports to have admin rights. Some commands like the LAN broadcast commands we use to discover controllers on the network also need this. For copying and deleting files such as during a firmware update, these also need admin rights.

So in theory we could get around this requirement but it would be a lot of work and the user would be limited in what they could do with this system.

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