T3 program saturation

What’s the best indication of how busy your T3 processor is? We are currently running 20 different programs on 3 different, ethernet-connected T3-LB’s. And although you could count the number of goto’s and gosub’s on one hand, I worry that I might be overloading one of them. I have graphs, schedules and alarms running, and a whole condo building full of people who depend on the reliability of the T3’s. So I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot.

As I’ve said before gotos and gosubs can be difficult to maintain so best to steer away from them. And especially keep in mind that you do not want to trap the program into a never ending loop. The outputs will be evaluated during one single pass of the program and when it exits, that is when the outputs will be updated. If your program never exits then the outputs will not be refreshed.

That said, why not put a small program line in the program to flip an output, then you can see how often your program is running. In fact there’s plenty of spare CPU cycles for even the most packed program so you should see this output going on and off once a second or so.

10 OUT32 = NOT OUT32

We can add a feature to let you see how often the programs are running, its on the todo list.

I kinda thought that the SCANS parameter would give me a clue how busy the T3 is. But all my T3’s return the same # when I set a variable equal to the SCANS parameter, it always returns the same # “.001”. Maybe this is not really implemented yet.


Chelsea will have a look at it, thanks for the heads up.