Modbus Registers and Data Base


  1. Is there some way of exporting the register viewer output page to excel or even a txt file? This would make it easier to search, etc.

  2. The first unit I purchased had the WiFi / Humidity options. But the register viewer says the 731 register (Humidity) reads 0 and the 732 reads 290. Was I shipped the wrong unit? Or does Humidity monitoring have to be enabled?

  3. I don’t notice a register for the temperature set point. Is there one or does it have to be passed by a variable?

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  1. There is a list of databases in the software installation path. You do not need to export additional databases.
    I will add a button reminder to the T3000 so that you can know the location of the local depository table.
  2. Input11 shows humidity values . and also register 7503 high byte 7504 low byte (divide 1000), saves this values .
    I will make it more smart ,and make sure you can easily use 731 to read humidity .
  3. Temperature value is 730 ,and also input9 ,register address is 7499 high byte , 7500 low byte