Modbus Keywords

Hi All,

I am a little bit confused about the modbus keywords for accessing the different types of registers.

I read through all the topics I found but it seems maybe I am missing something.

MB_REG is for the 4xxxx registers. This is from successful practice, but the documentation says otherwise.
I read:
01 (0x01) Read Coils > MB_COIL
02 (0x02) Read Discrete Inputs > MB_DISINPUT
03 (0x03) Read Holding Registers > MB_REG
04 (0x04) Read Input Registers > MB_INPUTREG
05 (0x05) Write Single Coil > MB_COIL
06 (0x06) Write Single Register > MB_REG

I have working right now, the MB_REG which is polling data from the 4000 registers.
Am I just missing something?


I’ll need a little time on this question, will work on it as soon as we’re back to work after the break whcih is Feb 6.