Integrating a C02 sensor over Ethernet

That is best way to address Temco CO2 sensors in IP network? IP or Instance? Instance works well for other devices, not so well for Temco CO2. Somtimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, at some point CO2 146 and CO2 145 was working well, and CO2 147 wasn’t.


IP: Instance:30145

IP: Instance:30146

IP: Instance:30147


Situation today is different, I got readings from 145 and 146 but 147 is still not working.

It looks like you are working on using some inputs from a Temco C02 sensor from within a program on a T3 controller. I would use the ‘3rd party’ method since T3 controllers would treat the C02 as basically a ‘3rd party’ device. Assuming you are connected over Bacnet just use the Bacnet instance number, 9999AI1 for example where 9999 is the Bacnet instance of the sensor and AI1 is the input number.