"Help File" crashing YABE (BACnet Tool)

I am trying to learn more about Temco Standard Bacnet Tool and the ( Yabe tool). Unfortunately the “Help” menu selection only yields an “Unhandled Exception”. I can continue, with no help, or I can allow the dialog to close the BACNet tool.

I expect I can download it, or perhaps have a separate install of it, but it would be nice if it were integral. Does this tool update with T3000 updates?

All for now. Thank you for your help.

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Hi Larnold:
I recommend that you rerun the Bacnet Tool (Yabe) to resolve the error problem.
You also can run BacnetExpore.exe ,it is in the same folder of T3000.exe.
Also you can download as the following link.

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I did pull Yabe independently. It seems the “help” file is essentially the Readme in that packge. I will try to copy it over to the T3000 version. Not super interactive but at the same time lots of background there.

Suggestion is noted, we will add the Yabe help file along with the project in the next release later this week. Thanks again for your feedback

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What folder should I drop Yabe into? It seems to run from anywhere it downloads to. Likely in or around T3000.

Yes . It is a stand-alone software that can run in any directory

I note in follow up that the Help File is loaded with the Temco/Yabe tool now.

There is a lot of good info in the source code read me files too.