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Looks like you are updating over the IP network to a device on the rs485 subnet. could you please try a direct PC to RS485 connection.

Maurice Duteau

Same results over com4 19200 - as you can see in the screenshot… look in the background… you can see the COM4 attempts with the same error.

when you scan by hitting the magnifying glass icon, t3000 will scan over all ports at all baud rates and both protocols. So when you mention 19200 I wonder what you’re referring to there. Be sure to scan with the magnifying glass icon.

Just in case there’s a hardware issue you can try with both subnet and main net. Watch the LEDs for any activity and report back what you see there.

Maurice Duteau

I thought you wanted me to use the isp tool to load firmware onto the bricked tstat8. 19,200 refers to the baud rate. Com 4 refers to the usb to 485 converter purchased from your website that is plugged into the back of the computer. Id refers to the address of the tstat, which in my case would be 4 and 6. Since I have two stats that are bricked while attempting to upgrade.

if the heart beat led is flashing once per second this means the device is not bricked and you should be able to scan it on the rs485 ports.

if the heartbeat led is blinking two times , repeating every couple of seconds, then eventually rebooting, this is isp mode. follow the procedure elsewhere on this forum for unbricking.

Maurice Duteau

Dear Bill:
We have fixed an issue you described up above for firmware updates over RS485 subnetworks. This applies to firmware updates on all subnet devices in the Temco lineup. Please update your T3000 and give it another try.


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