Can't read Variables from T3-TB via BACnet after update

after update of T3-TB to MCU 47.6 to can’t read variables via BACnet Ethernet. On older controllers with Asix (MCU 47.5) variables are still readable.

I guess i found solution/problem. Units where not selected In VAR table, and i guess only variables with selected units are found on bacnet from now.
Question: Is it done to make network more efficient? If so may be i should optimize quantity of variables by selecting units for var’s i only need in BACnet?

The current behavior is to create the bacnet object when the range is set, this is done to save resources on the controller and also on the network since you don’t have to poll all the unused objects. I can see it would be confusing if you had a VAR with a name and all other properties set up but hadn’t given it a range yet. We’ll check for any properties being set and use that to trigger the creation of the bacnet objects. Thanks for the good feedback.