Can not see communicate BACnet to third party devices

Hi Maurice

I tried looking through networking thread but I still could not find a suitable solution to below. It would be great if FanDu can help again if at all possible.

I can not BACnet Read/Write to and from a third party device.
I also can not Read/Write from T3-NANO either.
When discovering T3-NANO with Yabe I noticed that no BACnet points get populated at all.
It is imperative that I have the ability to integrate T3-NANO into the third party devices.
Please see printscreens below. Your help would be greatly appreciated as always…

THere is something up with the Nano that you cannot see all the bacnet objects. Could I ask you to connect on a separate network with your PC running T3000 and the Nano on the same subnet, make sure its a simple subnet with mask 255.255.255.x to get started.

Hello Maurice and thank you for getting back to me promptly.

I connected T3-NANO on its own without any other BACnet device on the network. The same thing happens. No BACnet points get populated.

All right, Fandu will work on this with you on Monday. The Wireshark capture will be helpful, grab all data between your PC and the IP address of the Nano.

ALso show the inputs page if you could, you should see a big grid of 128 inputs for example, all unconfigured at the beginning but there and ready to start work.

Hello Maurice,

Please attached as requested. I’ll wait for FanDu to help me resolve.


Bacnet Tool will only detect bacnet objects which have been configured. Since all IO and vars are at the default of ‘unused’ then the tool doesnt discover them. Try configuring the range on a few IO and VARS, as soon as the range is set the Bacnet tool will be able to discover them. You will have to rediscover the bacnet objects as Bacnet tool only checks for objects on first discovery.

At present, after changing the Variable range, reboot T3-Nano is required to see the corresponding AV and DV in Bacnet Tool. This will be fixed in the next release.

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