Baud rate lost after power cycle

  1. Baud rate getting change automatically after switch off the power to the thermostat.
  2. Getting communication issue, communication is not stable.
  3. Terminal plate( mounting plate) thermostat pins not fixing tightly.

Question1: Baud rate lost
We havent seen this issue in a long time, the only thing which comes to mind is make sure you are running the latest firmware. You can update that by navigating to T3000 → help → check for updates → update firmware.

If you happened to change the settings while you are not actually connected to the device, or if there were poor communications and the setting didnt actually make it out to the device that could explain what you saw. Check down at the bottom status line to see good comms health. Try leaving the baud setting dialog, go to some other screens, then return to the baud dialog and make sure what you are seeing is refreshed.

Question2: Poor comms
Shut down all apps and even services which might be using the same port numbers (for IP connectoins) or com ports (for serial connections). I have noticed Niagara installing services which should be shut down.

Terminal Plate Loose:
Havent seen this issue in a while, if you have a device from 10 years ago that could explain it. You can email an email to discuss in more detail.