Basic programming

hello, I am a student and I have as a project to make a test bench of a heating installation,
here is my program that is half functional .
from line 1 to 6 , I ask the temperature necessary for the radiator in economy mode and comfort with two different pid since at line 8 and 9 I ask that the economic pid is activated with the hourly system but worries and I do not know ask the pid that is chosen by the hourly system to be on the VRAD output.
then on line 12, I would like my boiler to stop after 60 seconds.
someone has the solution please?

Just replying quickly here but the time-on and time-off statements will be helpful for what you have in mind. Create a variable so you can watch them and place them on your displays for debugging.

10 VAR1 = TIME-ON( OUT1 )
20 VAR2 = TIME-OFF( OUT1 )

Be sure to configure the VAR1 and VAR2 with the engineering units of TIME like so, as opposed to seconds, minutes or hours.