TStat10 on ESP32 Timeline?

Hi Maurice,

I was wondering if there is a timeline for having the TStat10 or next version on the ESP32 MCU? We would love to test that out when ready or be beta testers. We are running into resource and programming limitations that we hope would be resolved on a more capable microcontroller.

We would also be happy to work on the bare metal if that was an option since we have developed ESP32 products before and are quite familiar with the ecosystem.



We have the ESP32 in production on two items now, the T3-Nano and we’re sampling on the HUM/Co2/PM25 series sensors. There’s some new features now already which are specific to the ESp32 like webview graphics, the maximum expansion IO is has doubled from 64 to 128 and there’s lots more vars. Trend logs get stored on the flash of the CPU itself so you dont need an external SD card like we do on the current ST chip.

The Tstat10 is not far off, we’ll get there. Weeks, not months.

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We look forward to trying out the new TStat10. The webview graphics are also an interesting capability.

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