The Dreaded Red X

I made an interesting discovery with my group of T3-LB(ARM)'s. When a controller shows up occasionally with a Red X on the T3000 my usual move is simply to power cycle it. That usually clears it up. But I almost always noticed that the heartbeat LED was flashing in its usual 1 a second way. So I tried simply resetting the Ethernet connection by unplugging the cable, or disabling and enabling the port on the Ethernet switch. Either way, the red X would go away and the T3 would start communicating again. This is a little cleaner way to clear up the problem. I wish there was a software option to recycle the port when the T3 sensed that comms were down for more than a given time period.

The latest T3000 front end clears this up, there were a lot of false negatives with the online/offline state of the devices. There’s still a few false positives, the team is working on that.

I took the following steps to kill the red X.

  1. Installed new firmware 50.4
  2. Made sure there were no duplicate variable, input or output names across all 4 T3’s
  3. Attached each T3 to ground.

For the last week, the dreaded Red X has disappeared! :grinning:
I still have some T3’s that occasionally reboot themselves, but I will post that under a different topic

Good news then, thanks for the update.