Setting schedules which run more than one day


Here is how you can set a schedule which will run more than one day. The way to think about this table is as a series of events, each entry is an on or off event. The first event is an ON event on Wednesday. The state of this schedule is ON till the next off event, which is the OFF event on Thursday. The schedule will be ON from Wed at 1AM and will go off on Thursday at 1AM.

Update: You can simulate a schedule going on and off manually by toggling the schedule to manual mode as shown, now you are in charge of the schedule. When you are done you set it back to auto and it’ll refresh within a few seconds to the correct state.

Update#2: To have an event occur at midnight required setting the value to 00:00 which T3000 understood to be a blank entry and would delete the time, we’re fixing this now and will release later this week so you can enter midnight if you need it.

Here’s how to simulate a schedule going on and off manually:

Here’s the schedule with the on and off time events described above on two different days:


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