Output Relays Modbus Registrer

Hello, I am using the Tstat8 Bacnet Thermostat in order to be integrated by a BMS Platform through Modbus RS485 fieldbus, but in the modbus registrer list there are not its k1, k2, k3, k4 relays statuts.

Does any body knows how to solve it?.


Please connect to the thermostat using the t3000 software, you can download it from the product web page. From t3000 you can use the Tools -> modbus register viewer to see the list of registers and the current value for all of them as well.

Give it a try and report back please.

Maurice Duteau

Thanks Maurice for answering,

Actually, I can see all the modbus register, but the matter is that I can not find the k1, k2, k3, k4 relays statuts in the modbus list, I mean, Which modbus register I must point in order to know if the k1, k2, k3 or k4 is active?


I am traveling just now but will help more when I get to the office. 2 days.

Maurice Duteau

Hi Patrohell
The value of REG209 represent the status of K1–K5 .
if you want to know complete register list , please download the excel file from my link address.

Thank you very much, I was expected in finding a read coil status registers, that is why i was confused.

We should add some coil commands, I agree. Its on the list.