General Ethernet Questions

In my situation the Ethernet port on T3-BB is not active so my PC reports ‘Cable is unplugged’. I see that all outputs LEDs are blinking from the first to the last and beat LED flashes by two times.
So it seems that the only solution is to use EEPROM programmer to flash it. Am I right?

I am not clear what you mean here Philip. The only way to flash firmware is to use the ISPTool and flash in the first few seconds after power up. You can see the procedure in the other thread which is now locked, we can continue here if there are more questions.

In my case the Ethernet interface on T3-BB is not working at all. On the other side of Ethernet cable my PC reports: “Cable unplugged”. Before deadly flashing Ethernet interface worked perfectly on this T3-BB. So I can make a conclusion: the Ethernet interface enables in boot up process and since I flashed an ASIX version with an ARM firmware it cannot be enabled.

Could you please provide the HEX/BIN file to write it directly to memory chip of T3-BB?

You can download the bin file by using T3000 -> help -> check for updates -> download firmware.

Maurice Duteau